Online SDR Training

Hello SDR Fans!

We know it’s not easy right now to meet up with us for in-person training, so we’ve decided to bring the training to your desktop!

We are in the process of building an entire online, on-demand SDR curriculum, and the first class is ready. These courses are based on the in-person classes we’ve taught for years at conferences and to private customers. We’ll be rolling out more classes soon, but for now you can check out Introductory class here (once you register and sign up for classes, you can always access them at your Dashboard).

Some basic info about the classes:

  • We’ve broken our classes into even more bite-sized pieces. Each class will be roughly one day in length as opposed to our two-day in-person trainings.
  • Our first course has a bit over 7 hours of recorded video: a mix between lecture, project walkthroughs and a bit of whiteboarding. It will take nearly everyone more than 8 hours to complete, because there are some projects you will need to complete on your own (though the videos do have hints if you get stuck).
  • Working with SDR hardware will be a little bit different than with our in-person trainings. We will still show you how to use SDR hardware, if you have some, but we won’t be able to do the student-to-student transmit-receive projects.
  • Rest assured, however, that learning the nuts and bolts of GNU Radio and SDR in a simulated environment will make your eventual hardware activities vastly more successful. If you don’t build your system right, all the fancy hardware in the world is unlikely to make up for it.

Paul Clark