Shortest GNU Radio Install Post Ever

When I co-wrote my first SDR book back in 2017, my GNU Radio installation guidance was not to run this:

sudo apt install gnuradio

The most recent Ubuntu LTS version at the time was 16.04, and the above command resulted in GNU Radio 3.7, rather than the more current (at that time) version 3.8. For a time, I recommended PyBombs, then BASH scripts that installed from source, then using the GNU Radio PPA.

Now if you have Ubuntu 24.04, running that previously troublesome command above gets you GNU Radio – just a tick behind the bleeding edge!

So forget what I said before. If you want to try GNU Radio, consider moving to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS and just “apt install” it.

PS: if you prefer a different Linux distro, you can check to see if your default repository contains a recent version or not.

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