About Factoria Labs

Factoria Labs is a consulting and training organization led by Paul Clark, long time hardware and software engineer. We focus primarily on the RF domain, with a particular focus on Software Defined Radios (SDRs).

Factoria Labs exists to solve radio problems with SDRs and to help you do the same. Our goal is to help you learn the foundational radio principles necessary to use SDRs with confidence. Whether you’re a security professional, a hardware engineer, a student or a hobbyist – we believe you’re better off understanding what you’re doing with your SDR, not just running a flowgraph you got from somewhere AND trying to hack it into working AND solving your specific problem.

We encourage you to check out our Field Expedient SDR book series if you’re interested in learning about SDR on your own.

If you’d like us to help with that learning, we offer a range of training options, both online/on-demand as well as in-person, starting at the level of absolute beginner.

If you have radio-related challenges and you’d like Factoria Labs to build a solution, please see the consulting services we provide.