Online SDR Training Now Live!

Hello SDR Fans!

It’s been a long-time goal of ours to put our SDR training online in an on-demand format, so that people around the world could learn SDR at any time. That’s finally started happening! Our first class is online, and we’re working on the second right now. After that, are more to come.

We broke up our content into chunks roughly one day in length, though they will likely run a bit longer than that. Our first course, for example, has over 7 hours of video. Given the time it will take you to work through the projects, this will be more than a day for nearly everyone.

While the on-demand format is new, the material is very similar to what we’ve been teaching for years to private customers and at conferences such as Black Hat and the Wild West Hackin’ Fest. The main difference is that a few of the hardware projects required some changes so you can complete them in a virtual setting. We’ll do these projects in a simulation mode, but we’ll demonstrate all of the things you’ll need to do to make them work in the real world. We’ve also simplified the process of getting GNU Radio running on your system by providing you with a virtual machine containing all of the software and project files you’ll need.

We will also be offering a new in-person class consisting almost entirely of hardware projects, as a companion to these online classes. The companion class will provide hand-on training with SDR hardware and live signals, while the online classes will allow you to do most of your training at your own pace. Stay tuned for details on that.

We hope the chance to learn SDR in a more flexible (and distanced) way is useful to you. If so, please check us out!